Trade & Investment Promotion

We give the best Trade & Investment Promotion Services

To increase trade and investment, STPGIG assists companies to navigate the Africa’s Island markets. Providing information about how to tailor their activities to the specific market with respect to the dynamics of the sector targeted. How to promote your business, region or product in a foreign country and how to find future clients or investors?

STPGIG can assist you with Trade & Investment Promotion. We level the playing field and have local knowledge to make it happen. STPGIG helps equip those businesses with the knowledge and tools that they need to meet that challenge and by extension, promote trade and investment.

Investment Desk
STPGIG’s Investment Desk provides you with a platform which you can consult for advice and support concerning any questions and issues you may face. Advice can be given about which sectors are good to invest in and we can help locate investors for your projects. We can help and advise you with the establishment, rolling out and/or expansion of your international activities in the Island. Furthermore we can assist with identifying investors or assist with new investments and development projects.

Export Desk
To boost the trade relations, STPGIG in cooperation with the foreign partners, developed the Trade Match Program in which new exporters, sellers and suppliers can be linked to new importers and/ or buyers. We ensures that the tailor-made high quality connections are made, relevant information is exchanged and demand and supply will be matched. If you want to start-grow-develop business overseas in the following sectors; Agriculture, Automotive, Capital Equipment and/or Chemicals, we can assist you through the Trade Match Program. Information is key and for this reason STPGIG in cooperation with partners will make sure that the relevant information reaches your company. Furthermore we offer assistance for individual companies to get in contact with a suitable counterpart. Especially, when making that first export can still be a daunting challenge for a small or medium sized business. STPGIG is pleased to facilitate your business ventures through our Export desk!

If you wish a more strategic and in-depth approach, the combination of the opportunities of trade and investment promotion in a representation contract might be a good formula to successfully launch your business, product or region. The CGIG team of professionals will represent your company or branch organization which creates opportunities, ensures matchmaking and promotes and facilitates specific investments projects. Elements included in Representation contracts range from hosting trade missions to the Island, promote and facilitate specific investment projects to seek investment opportunities through round tables and exposure during network functions. But naturally we will find the representation package that is best suited to your needs.

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